Yoga Class Descriptions


A breakdown of all our class styles!

Classes below are now listed in ascending order according to level of difficulty & physical exertion

Restorative + Yoga Nidra: 1 hour 15 minutes. If you’re looking for complete and absolute relaxation, this is your class! Class focuses on the use of props to support you in the poses, accompanied by soothing music and meditation to help you rejuvenate, rest, and connect with your body on a deeper more cellular level. Great for pain, fatigue, muscle tension, anxiety, depression, and so much more. Class is done almost completely lying down, in simple resting poses anyone can find comfort in. Class ends is a 30-40 minute Yoga Nidra meditation, which is a technique developed in ancient India in order to put students in a trance-like state where they can access and release stress & tension that is deeply hidden in the body & mind. An extremely rejuvenating class. If you haven’t tried Yoga Nidra yet, do yourself a favor!

Restorative + Sound: 1 hour 15 minutes. A true luxury. Soul Shack’s Restorative + Sound Therapy+ Ebimedical therapy is a restorative class with the amazing healing and relaxing benefits of sound woven throughout. While guiding you through a series of restorative poses, our instructor plays Crystal and Tibetan bowls, along with many other sounds, sometimes even verbal sounds and some chanting. Sounds with certain frequencies and vibrations are scientifically proven to be able to heal the body on a deep cellular and energetic level. Do yourself a solid and take this class! For any and every type of student looking to heal in some form whether physical, emotional or spiritual, and to get into a deep state of relaxation, meditation, and transcendental bliss. As with all Restorative classes, they can be done by students of any level and are especially great for those working with injuries.

Yoga Basics: 1 hour 15 minutes. For 1st time yoga students, beginners, yogis with injuries, or for those of you who are coming back to yoga after a break in your practice. Expect lots of instruction, adjustments, and attentiveness from your nurturing and knowledgable instructor. A light work out with a lot of focus on breathing techniques and a relaxing effect. 

Yoga for back pain: 1 hour 15 minutes. A yoga class designed to target back pain, an all too common problem in our society. Whether its sciatica, scoliosis, a pinched nerve, muscle tension, or repetitive stress, this class will liquify your muscles, warm up your joints and get your blood, oxygen, and synovial fluids moving to all the right areas to help repair and restore proper back health, alignment, and reduce, if not eliminate back pain completely.

Yin Yoga (coming soon): 1 hour 15 minutes. A yoga class designed to compliment the more “yang” way we often live our lives and even practice yoga, yin yoga focuses on the calmer, quieter, more subtle aspects of the body and mind. Yin yoga practices active relaxation, and as such creates and builds awareness of the student’s repetitive stress patterns, areas of tension, and etc. Prepare to feel rejuvenated from head to toe when you leave a yin yoga class, along with a new understanding of your own body, mind, stress, and breathing patterns. Expect a deep stretch!

Hatha Yoga: 1 hour 30 minutes. Hatha Yoga is known as an “umbrella” term for all of the many types of yoga. It is also known as a more traditional style of yoga. This class is perfect for any level of student, especially those who are working with injuries, as the class focuses more on taking your time to get completely into the poses and teaching you how to modify the poses for your own body, instead of rushing and pushing through the poses, as many modern yoga classes tend to do. Expect to connect to your breath and body in brand new ways each time you take a Hatha Yoga class!

Lunch Flow (Vinyasa Flow Express): 1 hour. An All Levels Vinyasa flow class perfect for a mid-day “pick me up”! Expect a light but uplifting workout. A perfect class to take on your lunch break away from work, family, etc.!

Candlelight Vinyasa for All Levels: 1 hour 15 minutes. Our very own version of a late-night Vinyasa Flow Class. Soulful music + a mix of different styles and levels of yoga with a focus on the connection to the heart, ourselves, and each other.  A super laid back yet fun class that is tailored to the students needs, wants, and requests as much as possible. Expect to be challenged but to end class with a sense of winding down for the night ending in a nice long Savasana.

Vinyasa Flow All Levels: 1 hour 15 minutes. Intended for beginner – intermediate level yogis with limited injuries and athletically inclined beginners. Vinyasa Flow is a type of yoga developed for yogis who wanted a more rigorous, fast paced, and athletic type of yoga. Considered a pretty challenging workout, classes will “flow” in a fluid way that links the poses with the breath, and foscuing heavily on making smooth and safe transitions from one pose to the next. Expect to work up a light to generous sweat and to get a great workout and detoxification not only for your body, but mind, and soul.

Power Flow (Express Class): 1 hour. A more modern style of yoga that incorporates a lot of cardio and strength training. A less traditional form of yoga that combines Power Yoga & Vinyasa Flow. Appropriate for anyone not working with serious injury or limited mobility. Expect a vigorous, detoxifying & challenging workout with an upbeat playlist and fun, energetic vibe!

Ashtanga Yoga (coming soon): Expect an athletic, detoxifying class, complete with chanting and traditional feel. A beautiful routine of postures designed to vigorously remove impurities in the body and mind. Expect the instructors to focus on the Sun Salutations, alignment, and getting into deep stretching poses. Really great for those who love to stick to a routine and test their self discipline.

Advanced Asana & Pranayama (coming soon): 1 hour 30 minutes. For practitioners looking to be challenged! Class will touch on a variety of topics in asana and pranayama (breath-work). Advanced Asana is designed to heat the body quickly and gets the body ready to open up in a deep way. Great for building strength, flexibility, and balance. Class will often be sequenced around a theme or peak pose, whether anatomical, physiological, philosophical, or spiritual. Expect to work on arm balances, inversions, and big backbends!

Specialty Classes

Kids Yoga: 1 hour. A fun and totally awesome yoga class designed especially for the active imagination and attention span of children! Helps children deal with the every day anxieties of their immediate lives and teaches them at an early age how to control their breath, mood, and energy in order to better get along with others, be happier, calmer, and get the most out of their own potential.

Pre & post natal Yoga: Yoga for women expecting a baby soon or who have just had a baby. Prepares the body and the mind for a healthy and successful childbirth and aims to reduce and helps eliminate the many health risks and issues that come along with pregnancy as well as helps the body recover from the dramatic changes childbirth brings for women who have already had their baby. Spiritually connects women to each other, themselves, and their babies. Reduces stress that new motherhood often brings and helps prepare women for this newest stage of their lives.

Yoga for Veterans:  Yoga for Veterans is a FREE class for any veteran of any age or level of yoga experience. This class seeks to give back to our country’s veterans who have already given so much and to provide a safe and stress-free place where they can come to heal & find peace.

Be Sure to Check Back Frequently for Any New Class Offerings!

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