The Soul Shack Vision: Self Healing Through Yoga

The Soul Shack vision comes from a place of passion, love, and years of experience in healing. Each one of our teachers and healers is traveling on his/her unique journey of self healing through yoga, a journey that allows us to learn things about the human body, mind, and spirit we never would have thought possible otherwise. It is our vision to share that knowledge and journey with each and every one of you. 

No problem is too big or too small. As teachers, healers, and yogis, we consider it part of our duty to bring the amazing benefits of yoga to as many people we can. In order to do so, The Soul Shack strives to make yoga as affordable and approachable as possible, believing that it is of the highest calling to be able to give back this incredible gift we all have been given. In recent years, yoga has become associated with a lot of things, but not as often with it’s roots as an amazing & comprehensive healing tradition. At Soul Shack, we strive to keep an emphasis on this tradition, all while adapting to the modern world we all live in. 

For all of these reasons and many more, we not only have employed many different types of teachers from a wide variety of yoga and healing traditions, but also have chosen to keep our studio and class sizes small and intimate, so that we can better work with our students, giving each one of them the careful and individualized instruction that doing yoga safely and mindfully requires. Small class sizes basically mean we are able to give the quality care and attention needed to truly heal a body, and perhaps most importantly, to build strong and ongoing relationships with our students.

At The Soul Shack, we seek to continually improve our schedule, events, and business practices as well as how we interact with our community and world. We take healing our bodies, minds, and spirits very seriously, along with our impact on others and the Earth, yet still like to keep things fun. We love to laugh, meet new people, try new things, have adventures… basically, we like to keep it real.

We look forward to becoming a part of your community and your lives, and growing with all of you in the process. See you on the mat! Namaste + lots of love,

The Staff at The Soul Shack