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Jessica Clark

Founder, CEO, Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master

Jessica first found yoga in 2005, as a way to heal several bodily ailments that she had, and was hooked ever since. After years of her own practice and “experimenting” on friends & family, Jessica went on to study yoga in India in 2010, where she obtained her first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification. She then went on to travel, waitress, and write, while teaching on the side, but eventually her purpose of teaching yoga & helping others full time became overwhelmingly clear. In the year 2011, Jessica moved to LA and began studying yoga & other healing modalities, while beginning to teach yoga all over the Los Angeles area both publicly and privately.

It was through these efforts that Jessica obtained her second Teacher Training Certificate (from Yogaworks), as well as her Reiki Master’s Certicate, and others. In order to create a space where she could not only offer all of her healing modalities, but also create a space for regular community engagement, support and healing, she founded The Soul Shack of North Hollywood in 2014. Over the years, Jessica has had the honor of watching so many students & clients grow and heal through The Soul Shack, and as well, has received so much growth and healing in return.


Katherine Nebrida

Front Desk Manager & Community Development Coordinator

Yoga is one of Kat’s greatest loves and believes in its true power to change our world one living being at a time. She enjoys connecting with others and has a passion for community, play, and genuine connections. Her life philosophies are simple, “Just be a good person, love life, trust & know yourself, play, connect, and grow.” You can catch her creating magic at The Soul Shack, playing with friends in nature or being a bad ass boss babe @CityRunnerLA.

Jeri-Faye Cohen Headshot.jpg

Jeri-Faye Cohen

I returned to Los Angeles after college on a dance scholarship to Edge Performing Arts Center in Hollywood. I spent my 20 years training and working first as a professional dancer and now as a dance and fitness instructor. I had my Yogi "Ah-Ha" moment while living in Las Vegas and working as a professional Las Vegas Show Girl. I performed 2 shows per night, 6 days per week in high heels. Six months into the gig, I would take off my right shoe the moment the curtains closed and wobble off the stage. There was no wound, cut, mark or injury that the eye or an x-ray could see. I was working full-time, doing exactly what I loved, but my body was not keeping up it's end of the deal. I went to my first Hot Yoga class in 2012. At first, I could not put weight on my right foot. As I moved into Triangle Pose, I sat down and gave up. The instructor came over to me and encouraged me to try again. This time I pressed down through all corners of my feet, transferred my weight evenly, pulled up from my ankles, knees, quads and engaged my inner thighs. I was not in pain for the first time in a long time. I was hooked.I became a certified Yoga instructor in 2013. I currently teach Restorative Yoga, Power Flow, Vinyasa Flow and Yoga Sculpt with weights. I also teach Barre Fitness and Dance Fitness classes at various studios and health clubs. I love to experiment with creative and challenging sequences based off my passion for Dance and Yoga.I want to inspire people of all ages and all levels to use the mental, spiritual and physical practice of Dance and Yoga to feel strong and empowered.

Diana Seva Headshot.jpg

Diana Seva

I wandered into my first yoga class with the hopes of unwinding after a long day at work. The good music, organic movement, and post-savasana yoga high brought me sweet, how-is-this-real bliss. After years of coming home to myself through my practice, I felt inspired to share the mental and physical benefits of yoga with my community. My down-to-earth and loving yoga classes create a space for self-discovery, releasing stress, and encouraging the body to heal so the mind can follow. I earned my 200 hour certification through Yoga Vibe Los Feliz, and have had the privilege of continuing my education through additional training's and workshops. Some highlights: Wanderlust Hollywood 20 hour Practice & the Art of Possibility with Carrie Owerko; Black Dog Yoga's 20 hour Yin and Restorative Intensives with Sigrid Matthews and Dani Robinson; 50 hour Fit-Flow-Fly with Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein. I’m also a certified Usui Reiki healer, sound bath practitioner, and intuitive tarot reader. Dz Balancing in yoga and in life is a reflection of our inner state. Can we dance with change? Can we fall and try again with playfulness? Do we have the focus, skill, and attunement to find the still point within it all? dz - Shiva Rae

Erin Ballard.jpg

Erin Ballard

Erin was introduced to yoga during college. What she assumed was another form of exercise, she quickly discovered was a beautiful way of life. After becoming a regular practitioner, she noticed a change not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Erin has struggled with depression and anxiety for most of her life. Yoga has been an essential part of her routine to help her regulate her emotions and calm her thoughts. She is passionate about helping others get more in touch with themselves, and using yoga as a tool to control the mind. She loves to teach slower paced classes allowing students to really take the time to feel the poses in their body, and to create a very relaxed and healing environment. Erin is also a musician, and loves to music as a mood setting tool, and also to facilitate a healing experience.


Camilla Gainutdinova

My introduction to Meditation started through Yoga practice. At Soul shack yoga studio where I took a Teacher Training course I was introduced to sacred philosophy and meditation practices on a deeper level. In meditation I find peace, happiness, love and great power that lifts my spirit, balance my emotions, activates my chakras, gives me answers, helps me concentrate and enhances my sensitivity. Meditation is my true element, that’s when my mind is still, yet creative. Science proves that meditation is a necessary everyday practice, just as important as staying physically active. If you want to manifest positive events and people in your life, develop a high sensory experience, improve your imagination skills, have control over your restless mind or simply stay mentally healthy and calm, the answer lays within you through quietness of your mind which called meditation.

JadeLee (1).jpg

Jade Lee

Jade started practicing in Spring of 2015 and completed her 200hr TT at Corepower in Studio City in Spring of 2017. “I am definitely one of the less traditional teachers at The Soul Shack, but it works because I am a less traditional person and believe there is a yoga style for everyone! I connected with a special teacher and hope to connect with others in the same way,” Jade says.

Jade teaches an early morning Power Flow Wednesday mornings at 6:45 am at The Soul Shack.

Charles Wiley-headshot 1.jpg

Charles Wiley

Charles entered his yoga journey via the practice of meditation; always enjoying the benefits his meditation practice had on his overall well-being. When he first took an asana/physical yoga class, he immediately felt a difference in his physical, spiritual and mental state. Becoming more and more interested and fascinated with how Ashtanga Yoga (8 Limb Yoga) was a combination of the spiritual, mental and physical practice, he enrolled in the 200-hour teacher training program at The Soul Shack in North Hollywood, CA and is now a Yoga Alliance Certified 200-Hour Yoga Teacher and Level 2 Reiki Attunement Certified as well. Charles is a full-time working musician, playing drums in several bands along with writing music for TV and film. His yoga practice has changed and influenced his approach to drumming, song writing and playing with other musicians in a large way. The physical practice has helped his drumming through postural and alignment corrections and awareness. The mental and spiritual practice has allowed him to connect more deeply with the energies and emotions of the music he creates and the artists he works with. Charles is beyond excited to teach at the Soul Shack Yoga Studio. The Soul Shack, along with its owner Jessica Clark, has played an immeasurable role in the development of his yoga practice and he is deeply honored, grateful and humbled by the opportunity to teach at this wonderful studio. My approach to teaching a Yoga Basics Class: I was never a very athletic or super flexible person; I am more or less a regular dude. So if I can do yoga, anyone can do yoga, and that is the approach I take in my yoga basics class. I want every student I teach to leave class feeling excited and encouraged about their yoga journey.

Racquel TW headshot.jpg

Raquel TW

Racquel TW is a Latinx and Native American poet, Reiki Master, and Yoga Instructor. Her first poetry book on nature is coming out this 2018. However, she is currently best known as a Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master. Completing her first Teacher Training in 2012 with Karen Russell and going on to complete over 400 hours of additional various Teacher Trainings with CorePower Yoga, leading several 200 hour Teacher Trainings, Lifestyle Programs, and Workshops, has allowed her to work with those on every yoga journey from a diverse array of backgrounds. Holding workshops to certify plus teach others the art of Reiki through one on one and group sessions, has gone along with her mission to teach others how to heal themselves and strengthen ones own connection to their own divine nature. Her podcast Reiki With Racquel is on SoundCloud to further share her 20 years of Reiki knowledge and journey. Writing poetry and practicing Reiki for the past 20 years has given the breadth of experience to give back in the capacities that she does. She is also a business and spiritual advisor with a passion for wellness, humanity, art, and family. She enjoys reading books, dancing, practicing yoga, learning, and being outdoors as well as connecting via social media. Living in Los Angeles, California with her family and two dogs, Bettie & Ringo, she enjoys exploring the richness of her town and whichever wonderful corner of the earth she finds her two feet.


Shannon McInteer

Shannon McInteer is a holistic health and wellness enthusiast. She began her magical journey 4 years ago where she first learned different meditation techniques, which inspired her to tap into her higher self. This path of new found consciousness has led her to discover a growing passion for healing. She has dedicated her time and practice to sound healing while also obtaining her level 2 reiki attunement. Within the next coming months, she will be starting yoga teacher training in order to expand her knowledge on the spiritual connection between the physical and energetic body. Shannon is also currently acquiring a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in order to fully understand how the mind and body work independently and together. She plans on using this knowledge to aid in healing others, which is her sole purpose in life.

Kameena Photo Sep 18, 5 48 49 PM.jpg

Kameena Dawkins

Kameena is an Author and Medium; An Angel-Oracle Card Reader who works with Ascended & Kemetic Masters; A Healer; and an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor. Her mission and life purpose is to raise the vibration of Gaia and her inhabitants through love and self-care by helping them to activate the Divinity within themselves. By assisting the development of the Lightworker Community and all forms of Star Children, including Rainbow children with Special Needs such as Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Kameena empowers others to Shine On!


Amber McBride

Originally from New York, Amber grew up in gymnastics, dance, and competitive cheer leading. She always had a passion for creating shapes with her body but without the intention to heal. When Amber started practicing yoga, she learned to slow down, use the breath as a power tool, become more mindful, and ease into her body effortlessly. Amber moved to Arizona in 2014 to attend Arizona State University where she obtained a BS in Health Sciences: Healthy Lifestyles Coaching. While in school, Amber took her 200 hr Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2015 in Phoenix. During her time in Arizona, Amber was introduced to the culture of Medical Marijuana and slowly started to learn more about the healing benefits through her new yoga community and frequent trips to visit California. After graduation, Amber packed up, left Arizona for Los Angeles, and is now practicing her passion for holistic health and wellness, yoga, and cannabis daily. BS Health Sciences: Healthy Lifestyles Coaching, 200 RYT, Spirit Led Restorative Certified, 50 hour Ganja Yoga participation.


Ivette Lopez

Ivette took her first yoga class June 25th of 2015, on June 26th of 2016 she completed her first 200 hr TT at Urth Yoga with Anusara Certified Advance Teacher Trainer/ERYT 500 Keric Morinaga.

Ivette had the intention to teach children, however, her first students ended up being seniors. Immediately she was offered to teach at 3 senior homes, Ivette spent her first year and a half teaching seniors in wheelchairs.

On April 1st 2017, the first Shoot The Moon: an elevated yoga workshop, took place in the Arts District of LA. Having had numerous cannabis sponsors, the workshops hadmuch success & continued through the summer of 2018. Passionate about the history behind yoga and cannabis, Ivette attended the first Ganjasa 100hr CEU in Colorado with Rachael Carlevale October 2017.

Yoga is the journey of the Self through the Self to the Self.- The Bhagavad Gita

Stacy Mix.jpg

Stacy Martin

Stacy Martin grew up dancing competitively and due to a life altering spine injury at the young age of 18, turned to yoga initially for physical healing. Her yoga practice would later evolve into a psychological and spiritual awakening. Stacy studied at the New York Conservatory for Theater, where she graduated with an emphasis in movement. She then studied her BA in Psychology at Colorado State University. Stacy went on to dance professionally for two years in Denver CO, with the Damsels Dance Company. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification, an additional 100 hour Vinyasa progression training, a 50 hour Chakra Healing yoga certification and most recently a 50 hour Advanced Asana Module. Stacy is an accomplished Reiki master. She believes that by healing ourselves and by leading our healthiest, most vibrant lives possible, we allow all manners of greatness to manifest.