Kid’s Yoga at The Soul Shack

Certified by the amazing mini yogis teacher training program, Jessica and Mandy love working with kids and teaching kid’s yoga.  Mandy has been working with kids in various roles as her primary passion for over 5 years in various settings throughout Florida and in LA, and Jessica has just recently been added as an official kids yoga teacher for the mini yogis company, the biggest and most highly regarded kids yoga program in all of LA.

Jessica and Mandy both like to teach a fun, yet educational class that not only allows children to get in touch with their bodies and breath, but also their inner selves. Yoga has been proven to promote concentration in children (especially those with ADD/ADHD), to stay calm when dealing with every day anxieties, how to be patient and grateful. Yoga teaches kids about the world and themselves, why it’s awesome to share & get along with each other, among so many other valuable life skills and traits. Parents often remark on their child’s ability to concentrate in school and at home after regular yoga lessons, as well as deal with negative energy without getting too caught up in it. Just like adults, kids love how uplifting & calming yoga is and almost always ask for more!

View our online schedule for our regularly scheduled kid’s yoga class times or feel free to email us at about scheduling & rates for a one on one session with your child, off site instruction, or to schedule a special event! 

For special events and birthday parties: Kids Private Yoga instruction & studio rental starts at $50/hour for up to 5 kids, plus $10 a head for each additional child thereafter and can fit up to 20 children total! Light refreshments and souvenirs included!