The Soul Shack



Our Intentions


Our Intentions as a yoga & wellness center are many. Please read below to see how you connect & align with our intentions, our vision, and our community!

To provide a safe space for healing for  ALL walks of life regardless of age, experience, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs.


To uplift those who are searching to heal, grow, learn, and find (or share!) their purpose.

To provide an unpretentious, welcoming, vibrant and warm attitude to all who grace our space.


To educate the public on how to safely & joyfully use their yoga practice to alleviate physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual pains for a brighter and healthier world.

To thoroughly & safely introduce those looking for a more spiritually focused experience or practice to energy healing, shamanism and divination.


To always remember seva (selfless service) - by giving back to our wonderful community through our monthly FREE community healing events, classes & workshops, and to be a consistent community resource for all who may be in need.

To connect or partner with other healers, teachers, organizations, companies, and communities who are looking to do the same or similar!