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Energy Healing

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Energy Healing

There are many different types of healing that can be classified as “Energy Healing,” or “Energy Work.” At The Soul Shack, we offer various types of energy healing including (but never limited to): Reiki, Acupressure, IET Healing, and Shamanism.

Please read below for a description on each of our Energy Healing Offerings and more information on our Energy Healing Department Staff.


Jessica Clark

Jessica began her energy healing practice shortly after being introduced to yoga in 2006, however she did not become certified in energy healing until 2014.

Jessica is a student & Master of the Reiki Natural Healing method, which uses channeling work, intuition, and the basic healing components of chakra work to bring about a state of deep relaxation & healing.

Jessica combines Reiki with Acupressure (which she is still a student of), Shamanism, and her own self-derived techniques to help heal her students, clients and community on all levels, the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

Each Reiki session with Jessica can include all of the modalities she practices, or just one. Jessica also uses astrology, birth chart readings, and tarot to inform her energy healing session at no extra cost if requested as part of the session, or can be added on to the reiki session for a longer and more comprehensive session.


Kameena Dawkins

Kameena practices many forms of energy healing and spiritual work including: Psychic/Mediumship, Integrated Energy Therapy, Angel and Oracle Card Reader, Copper Pyramid Healer, Vocal/Sound Healing, and Crystal Alchemy. Interested & educated in Metaphysical Studies, Kameena offers many workshops, writings, and trainings on various metaphysical & spiritual topics. Kameena is also a Master Instructor & Trainer of IET.