Community Service

Every Saturday our Donation Class goes toward a chosen non-profit, NGO or charity. At The Soul Shack, we believe that a valuable part of self improvement and healing is giving back. Also known as karma yoga, when we give ourselves purely to selfless service we are serving the highest of callings. Stay tuned for each month’s cause through social media, our blog, and of course our “Events” Page for the most recent news on all of our ongoing donation and volunteer efforts. To JOIN US in volunteering in the community just please call or text 818-823-3930 or email

Read below for our past months’ Causes & Outreach Efforts:

May 2015: Support for Nathalie

October 2015: Breast Cancer Research

November 2015: Los Angeles Mission Thanksgiving Feast

December 2015: Toys For Tots

October/November 2016: Stand with Standing Rock Food Drive & Fundraiser. Water is Life. #NODAPL

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