Private Yoga Sessions

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$80/Hour for 1 Session

$240 for 4 Sessions

$440 for 8 Sessions

Add Ons: $15 for additional 15 minutes of reiki or sound healing

$25 for additional 30 minutes of reiki or sound healing

One-on-one sessions are customized to suit not only your needs, but also your schedule.  With a long time passion for anatomy & dedication to healing through yoga,  Jessica approaches each private yoga sessions from a unique angle. At The Soul Shack and through Jessica you will find that you can focus on anything from healing an old injury, conquering stress, snd rediscovering your energy, happiness and health. 

The choice is completely yours what you would like to focus on in your private session and we make sure to get the right information upfront to help you figure out exactly it is you are looking to get out of yoga and the best approach to take to do so. We take pride in helping you achieve your desired results whether it’s to heal from an injury, re-align the spine, cure or alleviate muscle pain and arthritis, relieve stress, alleviate anxiety, depression, insomnia  or lower high blood pressure. There really are few things that a private yoga therapy session cannot tackle and being able to focus on the individual’s specific needs without the distraction of other students in class with varying needs and levels of practice, tends to yield not only much faster results, but an incredibly deeper understanding of one’s own body that can last a lifetime.

A private session with Jessica can even incorporate sound healing or energy work, including Reiki or Acupressure, or a general consultation on balancing the chakras, for a small additional price. Energy work and sound healing are both great for aligning a person’s over all vital energy, stamina, increasing happiness and health, as well as allowing the body to release emotional trauma or negative energy from the muscles, bones, nervous system, & even DNA as they both operate on a cellular, vibrational level.

 As always, Jessica is careful to ask a lot of questions to make sure she crafts the most safe and effective route to personalized healing, both energetically and anatomically. Please contact Jessica directly at for more information and to get started on your own unique healing journey.

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Pre-Natal Privates

$50/hour for 1 Session

$175/hour for 5 Sessions

Our pre-natal privates are a true gem. These lower cost prenatal privates are not only an amazing deal on a private yoga session, but also come with assistance and developing a birth plan as well as birthing advice, tips, visualization and breathing techniques offered by our certified doula, Francesca Aramburo. An ideal way to maintain both physical and emotional stability during pregnancy, these one on one sessions help you prepare for this huge life event on multiple levels. Francesca makes sure to take into account everything a woman may need at this point in her life and understands that every pregnancy is different. Sessions may include your significant other or other birthing partner as well if you choose. Each class will focus on safe poses and each class is designed to give you the tools you need to guide you on your very special journey and your best path towards your ideal birth. Please feel free to email Francesca directly at with any questions you may have or to schedule your first session.

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