Jessica Clark

Learning the reiki system of energy healing was a natural progression for Jessica after practicing & teaching yoga for so many years. Jessica got into energy work after discovering the enormous effect awakening her awareness to the energy that moves within the body had on her yoga practice and healing journey. Dropping into the energetic body allowed Jessica not only to explore, but heal so many areas of her body & mind that mere physical analysis and practice could not even begin to touch on. Since discovering how to tune into the energy body, Jessica started learning more and more about the chakra and meridian energy systems, applying most of what she learned not only to her own body, but to her yoga students and private clients as well. Looking to deepen her healing practice and further understand how energy moves in the body and how to liberate the body’s energy from blockages or overuse, Jessica decided to study reiki energy healing through the American Reiki Academy in West LA. Since then she has gone on to study chakra balancing through crystal therapy, sound healing, feng sui, chakra meditation & consulting. 

Touching the lives of others through her healing work in both yoga & energy healing has been a truly life changing and soul fulfilling experience for Jessica. A natural empath & intuitive, Jessica loves going as deep with her clients & students as possible, infusing each class & session with a passion to bring the most relevant & profound experience available to each and every person. Jessica believes that by empowering the lives of individuals to repossess their own health & happiness we then can help create a ripple effect of positive energy and healing vibration that reverberates out into our entire society, touching each person that steps into its wake. Even if infinitesimally at first, all of these changes add up over time and the results become so abundant that they are eventually self fulfilling. Thus, by transforming the individual we can transform each and every one of our relationships, and thus the world.

To book a session with Jessica  for her availability 24 hours in advance. If you would like an earlier appointment, please feel free to text or call 818-823-3930.

Hanna Warren

To Hanna, massage therapy is much more than a feel-good experience. Receiving healing touch is transformation — from every cell in the physical body to the mind’s state of consciousness and to the way we live our lives. Hanna practices with the idea that every individual’s body already has what he or she needs to find physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Hanna humbly acts as a guide for her clients who may have, for one acceptable reason or another, lost touch with the incredible power that resides within themselves, while providing a safe & loving environment, steeped in Hanna’s years of spiritual study & knowledge. Hanna practices a variety of healing modalities at The Soul Shack including Massage, Acupressure, Craniosacral, Reiki, Aromatherapy and Myofascial Release. A born healer, Hanna mindfully and skillfully combines both intuition and knowledge for a completely holistic healing experience tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Hanna is honored to call The Soul Shack home for her healing practice which she instantly felt was filled to the brim with good vibrations, true community and transformation and The Soul Shack is honored to have Hanna share her incredible talent and gifts with us. Most recently, Hanna has decided to enroll in The Soul Shack’s Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training Program in order to add onto her ever growing healing practice and to learn more about the body and this human experience we are all participating in.


To book a session with Hanna for her availability 24 hours in advance. If you would like an earlier appointment, please feel free to text or call 818-823-3930.