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Energy healing has been practiced for thousands of years, but much like yoga and meditation, is just now starting to gain recognition and popularity in the Western World for its amazing benefits and power. Reiki is just one of many types and traditions of energy healing. Most of our energy healers are trained & certified in various modes of energy balancing & healing that can be combined in order to achieve a personalized session designed around the client’s desired healing response.

Reiki healing affects both the physical body we can see and layers above and below the body – from the deep cellular level to the exterior aura level. Reiki has been proven especially great for healing: injury, insomnia, stress, infertility, trauma, psycho-somatic related stress and pain. Reiki has also been known to give a person more energy, self awareness, creativity, and athletic ability, as well as a huge boost in happiness and productivity. Basically, don’t be surprised if you become a real life super hero after just a few months of reiki!

Although it is a commonly held belief that reiki energy is the transmission of energy from one person to another, it is actually the channeling of energy from our external world (from nature, the collective unconscious and the cosmos) through the practitioners crown (meditation) chakra which is then delivered through the hands. This energy can be administered especially well when the practitioner applies the energy with care and precise location and with a pure and objective intention.

Reiki also provides a sense of warmth + a large dose of oxytocin via human contact that works with your own body’s natural healing abilities. Reiki is a subtle and gentle process, but one whose effects can be experienced almost immediately.

It is important to receive reiki from a practitioner with a deep knowledge and understanding of the chakra energy system so that what is detected in your energy system cannot only be communicated to you effectively, but also to help guide you through a healing program specifically designed to boost, calm, and balance your chakra energy system, and thus your body, mind and life. At The Soul Shack, our reiki healers our some of the most mindful, sensitive and careful energy healers out there and every single one of our energy healers practices both yoga and meditation daily in order to be as clear a channel as possible for transmitting the most and highest frequency energy available.

To get the maximum benefits from reiki, it is suggested to receive at least 3 sessions within your first month of receiving reiki healing, and then however many times afterward you feel you need, with no less than 1x/month.

Whether it’s reiki, acupressure, pranic healing, sound healing, grounding, or energy balancing through aromatherapy, color therapy or meditation, this work has been proven for centuries to clear years of energy blockages in the body & mind which contribute to physical, mental, or emotional pain.

For questions regarding setting up a reiki session call or text: 818-823-3930…Or click here to sign up online! Please note: sessions must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance if online. If you would like to receive a reiki session sooner than that, please call, text or email for the most current daily openings and availability.