About Reiki Healing

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Energy healing, or balancing, has been practiced for thousands of years, but much like yoga, is just now starting to gain recognition in the Western World for its amazing benefits and power. Reiki is just one of many different types and traditions of energy healing. Often various modes of energy balancing & healing will be combined in order to achieve whatever healing response an energy healer is trying to bring about in their client’s body.

Reiki healing affects not only the physical body that we can see, but penetrates all the way down into the layers that we can’t see – into the cellular level and energetic level, into the psycho-spiritual level even. Reiki works with your own body’s natural healing abilities. It is a subtle and gentle process, but one whose effects can be experienced almost immediately.

Whether it’s reiki, chakra balancing through aromatherapy, meditation or sound, or any of the other various types of energy healing, this work has been proven for centuries to clear years of energy blockages in the body & mind which can contribute to physical, mental, or emotional pain. Reiki healing sessions often produce a great breakthrough in the person after receiving just one or two sessions, although for maximum benefit, getting a treatment once a week on a regular basis is highly recommended.