Here’s a breakdown of all our class styles!

Morning Meditation: 30 minutes. Focuses on getting you ready for your day. Meditation has been scientifically proven to improve concentration, lift your mood, calm your nervous system, and boost your energy. Start the day of with our Morning Meditation and feel good about starting your day, not dreading it. Class uses a variety of techniques anywhere from light stretching and breathing techniques to visualizations, energy work, aromatherapy, etc. For first timers and advanced practitioners alike.

Morning Stretch: 50 minutes. A class that focuses on provided a light stretch that will leave you energized and clear minded before your work day or whatever it is you do! Stretching brings fresh new oxygen and blood into the muscles and brain, while releasing tension and pain– a perfect combination for anyone looking to begin their day pain-free, clear headed and energized. First timers, advanced yogis, and everything in between welcome.

Intro to Yoga: 1 hour. For first timers or those of you who are coming back to yoga after a little break. Expect lots of instruction, adjustments, and attentiveness from your loving and nurturing instructor. A light work out with simple breathing techniques and a relaxing effect.

Basic Yoga: 1 hour. For those who have taken a few yoga classes, but are still learning the basic poses, or for more advanced practitioners looking to practice or relearn the fundamentals. Mild to moderate workout with light breath work.

Intro to Ashtanga:  An introduction to Ashtanga Yoga, one of the many styles of yoga originating from India. Appropriate for complete beginners and intermediate yoga students, or even an advanced practitioner looking for a comprehensive way to learn a new style. Ashtanga yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive specific series of poses that seek to build internal heat in the body and a purifying sweat that releases and gets rid of all of the toxins we hold in our muscles and organs. Known for improving circulation, weight loss and muscle building, and calming the mind. Most traditionally done in the early morning in order to wake your mind and body up with the rising of the Sun, synching your body up with nature.

Intro to Hatha Yoga: An introduction to the most traditional and oldest type of yoga. It is from this yoga that all other styles of yoga emerged. Expect a well rounded class that focuses on holding poses, a slightly slower pace, and lots of deep breathing.

Intro to Vinyasa: An introduction to the faster paced, fun, and athletic style of this very popular style of yoga that is known as Vinyasa. Vinyasa teachers sequence classes with an emphasis on transitions between poses, and linking breath to these movements. Perfect for first timers who are looking for a more challenging introduction to yoga or for practitioners of other types of yoga looking to learn more about Vinyasa and all of its many benefits. Expect to sweat and feel inspired!

Ashtanga Primary Series: Expect an athletic, detoxifying class, complete with chanting and traditional feel. A beautiful routine of postures designed to vigorously remove impurities in the body and mind. Expect the instructors to focus on the Sun Salutations, alignment, and getting into deep stretching poses.

Hatha Yoga: Expect to hold postures while focusing deeply on the breath. Aims to open the body up slowly and yet dramatically so. Produces fast results and a very relaxing effect by the end of class. Advanced pranayama and meditation are utilized to give a complete and well rounded yoga and healing experience.

Vinyasa Flow Level 1/2: For students who are ready to move past Beginner’s and Intro Level Yoga Classes and to try out and the more rigorous, invigorating, and uplifting practice of Vinyasa. Great for pushing students to deepen their practice, lose weight and gain muscle.

Vinyasa Flow Level 2/3: For advanced practitioners looking for a challenge! Vinyasa Level 2/3 Classes will move at a quick and energizing pace that creates heat quickly and gets the body ready to open up in a deep way. Great for building strength, flexibility, and balance. Often Vinyasa classes, especially more advanced Vinyasa classes are sequenced around a theme, whether anatomical, physiological, philosophical, or spiritual. Expect to do at least one advanced inversion or arm balance per class.

Vinyasa + Restorative Flow: 1 hour 25 minutes. A solid 1 hour all levels Vinyasa Flow that spends the last 25 minutes letting the body completely absorb the benefits of such a rigorous practice by doing restorative postures with all kinds of props, dim lighting, and relaxing music and aromatherapy.

Soul Flow (All levels): Soulful music + a mix of different styles and levels of yoga with a connection to the heart, connecting to our souls and the souls of those around us. Expect lots of modifications and open and spontaneously designed class. Class is tailored to the students needs, wants, and requests as much as possible.

Chakra Flow (coming soon): 1 hour. A one hour class that takes the student through various poses, breath work, and meditation designed to unblock, open up, and purify each of the 7 main chakras (energy centers) of the body.

Donation Flow (All Levels): 1 hour 10 minutes. A soulful type of class that is dedicated to helping those in need. Donate whatever you can afford, anywhere from a few cents to $50. Donation causes change each week so stay tuned online which one we are featuring this week!

Yoga for back pain: A yoga class designed to target back pain, an all too common problem in our society. Whether its sciatica, scoliosis, a pinched nerve, muscle tension, or repetitive stress, this class will liquify your muscles, warm up your joints and get your blood, oxygen, and senovial fluids moving to all the right areas to help repair and restore proper back health, alignment, and reduce or eliminate back pain.

Restorative: 1 hour. If you’re looking for complete and absolute relaxation, this is your class! Class and teachers focus on using lots of props, soothing music and/or meditations, and looking inward. Great for pain, fatigue, muscle tension, anxiety, depression, and so much more.

Restorative + Sound Therapy: A restorative class with the amazing therapy of sound woven in. Our sound therapy classes use crystal bowl therapy and Tibetan bowl sounds to move the student into an even further state of relaxation, healing, and transcendental bliss.

Yoga for Seniors: Yoga tailored for the needs and wants of Seniors. Expect a light workout with lots of stretching. A great class for healing injuries and illness as well.

Kids Yoga: A fun and totally awesome yoga class designed especially for the active imagination and attention span of children! Helps children deal with the every day anxieties of their immediate lives and teaches them at an early age how to control their breath, mood, and energy in order to better get along with others, be happier, calmer, and get the most out of their own potential.

Pre-natal: Yoga for women expecting a baby soon. Prepares the body and the mind for a healthy and successful childbirth and aims to reduce, if not eliminate completely, the many health risks and issues that come along with pregnancy. Helps women connect spiritually not only to themselves, but to other women experiencing the same stage of life and of course, their babies.

Post-natal: Yoga for women that have had a baby in the past 6-9 months. Helps the body recover from the dramatic changes childbirth brings. Spiritually connects women to each other, themselves, and their babies. Reduces stress that new motherhood often brings and helps prepare women for this newest stage of their lives.

Power Hour: 50 minutes. Expect a very vigorous and challenging workout that incorporates a lot of cardio and strength training. A less traditional form of yoga that is appropriate for all levels! Expect an upbeat playlist and fun, energetic vibe.

Lunch Flow: 45 minutes. A slowly paced yoga flow class that is appropriate for all levels. Expect a very light workout– a perfect class to take on your lunch break away from work or family as the class focuses mostly on deep stretching, breathing, with minimal to no sweat factor. An amazing way to de-stress in the middle of your day and to return to work, family, or whatever it is that you do, refreshed and ready for round 2!